fxdupprincess (fxdupprincess) wrote in animal_write,

A Question... :-/

Hi. I wanted to ask you guys what you thought about animal research.

I care about drinking the way a lot of people think about animal rights... I don't think anyone should drink at all. Let's just say I have my own battles.

I am hoping to start working in a research lab that has lab mice, and my job would be cleaning cages, and etc. I am not killing the mice or anything.

Anyway I am also not, and would never, let the mice go (unless the study was finished and they found good homes).

I have a friend who seems heartbroken that I would ever do this, but I feel like the knowledge gained from the research (hopefully a cure for a disease), makes the study worthwhile.

Can you guys weigh in and tell me what you think about animal research?

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